Why we need to have a debate over nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence Surely nuclear deterrence is the only realistic response to the current cauldron of mutual antipathies and suspicions. If nuclear weapons are so bad, why can’t we get rid of them? "Now with North Korea we're at nine. Since the creation of the nuclear bomb, many have feared that a nuclear war could lead to the end of life on earth as we currently know it. Since the end of the cold war, the concept of a balance of power has lost its place in development. The question is my mind and which I challenge my audience is that, do we need nuclear weapons? Nuclear deterrence has completely changed the global strategy of warfare. Nuclear weapons are the most powerful and destructive weapons held in the aresenals of any modern states. Why Nuclear Weapons Make The World More Peaceful. As Michael Hutson has stated so well, nuclear weapons, or the fear of their being used has prevented the horrors of modern mechanized warfare. After all, countries have agreed to get rid of other classes of weapons, like biological and chemical weapons. That's not proliferation; that's spread at glacial pace." Strategic nuclear weapons raise the cost of war to prohibitive levels, and thus, paradoxically, make the world more peaceful. As conventional forces modernize, nuclear weapons funding dwindles, and weapons systems age. The non-use of nuclear weapons since 1945 is a great achievement that we take for granted all too often. "In 64 years, the most nuclear-weapons states we've ever had is 12," says Waltz. Powerful countries are the ones … The perpetuators of nuclear weapons have sometimes thought they create a balance of power between the east and the west through acquiring nuclear weapons.

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