2. Government Accession No.
The Design Division guides the development of construction projects from conception to the release of detailed plans for construction bidding. When the design choice is to redirect the collision load, follow the requirements given in Chapter 2 - Limit States and Loads. 3. Since TxDOT doesn't use structurally continuous barriers, provisions of [] cannot be used. On average, the division prepares 800 construction contracts for bid in most areas of highway design--from roadway geometrics to landscape design.
Report No. When the design choice is to provide structural resistance, design for the 600-kip equivalent static load as described in Article 3.6.5. … Column Collision. For Strength I & Service I Load Combinations, place 16k wheel load 1' from the toe of the rail []. For columns subjected to bending under unfactored dead load, satisfy the minimum reinforcement requirements of Article 5.6.7, using an exposure factor consistent with the site and other bridge elements. Technical Report Documentation Page 1. COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN EXAMPLE FOR PRESTRESSED CONCRETE (PSC) GIRDER SUPERSTRUCTURE BRIDGE WITH COMMENTARY (Task order DTFH61-02-T-63032) US CUSTOMARY UNITS Submitted to THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION Prepared By Modjeski and Masters, Inc. November 2003 Archived. Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Design Example: C-9 Construction Bulletin: Drilled Shaft Manual: Guidelines for the Use of Steel Piling for Bridge Foundations: Spread-Footing Wall Design Example: Tied-Back Wall Design Examples: Texas Secondary Evaluation and Analysis for Scour (TSEAS) Disregard Depth in Foundation Design

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