Torsional vibration in rotating equipment can break gear teeth and fatigue shafts but the right tests pinpoint and eliminate the problem. Torsional vibration of a steam turbine rotor is caused by an abrupt change in the turbine load (shutdown of turbine load, failure of three-phase reclosing, etc.) Vibration measurement is basically for determining the radial motion of the rotor shaft. or the unbalanced three-phase torque from the electric power generator. The shaft bending will usually cause increased vibration levels (Figure 1). With the small form factor of the Dewesoft instruments (e.g. Among torsional vibrations of the rotor system, coupled torsional vibration of the blade–disk–shaft system is peculiar to high-capacity steam turbine units, and many accidents caused … Figure 3 shows the measuring points for the torsional vibration analysis. 3.7.6 Measurement of Vibration. SIRIUS, DEWE-43, …) the perfect mobile solution for test engineers and consultants is born. 2.1 Data Measurement and Torsional Vibration Analysis. Swapan Basu, Ajay Kumar Debnath, in Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Handbook, 2015.

The rub can cause elastic deformation of the rotor at the point of impact and temporary rotor shaft bending. The torsional vibration software option of Dewesoft is used to obtain a rotational/torsional vibration monitoring and analyzing solution, for research, development, and optimization. To observe the dynamic characteristic of the propulsion shafting system, torsional vibration measurements were carried out on the subject vessel. Archive; Smoothing the Stresses of Torsional Vibration. 1. The output signal gives all the information about the problem of the rotating machine such as misalignment, cracked shaft, oil whirl, unbalance, or any other dynamic snags.

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