I let them sit in the tray beneath and let them soak up the overrun. Discover the 3 most common causes + How to prevent and avoid weak straggly seedlings. Proceded with fridge cold shock during summer to no success. Thinning Thin seedlings when 1–2 tall to prevent them from competing with one another and giving them elbow room to grow quickly. I than raised some MJ seedlings and transplanted them out. Category Archives. Special care Deadheading (removing spent blooms) helps to extend the bloom period. Do not put the freshly potted up seedlings in the direct sun. Poppy Primer. Pricking out seedlings When seeds germinate the first leaves to appear are the cotyledons or seed leaves. Poppies are best left alone, with little tending, which is … Several weeks after seedling establishment but before seedlings are 6 inches tall, plants should be thinned to 4 or 6 inches apart. Order posts by: Written by Floret When it comes to poppies, there always seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the different types, their growing needs, and whether or not they can be used for flower arranging. Seedling care after thinning plants. THINNING - Each week after the seedling emerge, you will need to check for weeds, and some careful thinning if plants seed too close, but poppies will have a way of producing both dominant plants and weaker ones, so most of the time, no thinning will be needed which is best, as even careful extraction of seedlings can damage nearby seedling roots. Leggy Seedlings? Learn 5 quick easy solutions to fix leggy seedlings. Plant Cultivation: Seedlings are cold hardy and plants form larger blossoms and seed heads when grown in cool weather.

See your packet for the appropriate spacing between plants. Thinning poppy seedling #16299576 - 05/29/12 07:35 AM (6 years, 4 months ago) Edit : Reply : Quote : Quick Reply : Well i have a pot that i threw a handfull of seeds into it with some fert and good potting mix. On the other hand, allowing some flowers to go to seed encourages reseeding. Thinning can be avoided by using transplants in place of direct seeding; however, poppies do not

Once I have them potted up I water them well. Mine stay in the greenhouse or if they are very tender annuals I put … These are usually a pair of oval, fleshy leaves that bear no …

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