Sort into Groups 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Average 4.5 out of 5 (1 Vote) Sort into Groups Sort into Groups. First Grade Sorting & Matching Worksheets Building important problem solving and spatial recognition skills go a long way in preparing kids for STEM activities!

Suitable for Kindergarten to Second Grade. Use this fun Phonics sorting activity to teach your English class to distinguish between 'ou' and 'ow' phonemes. We've got an assortment of printable sorting activities here at Activity Village that you can use in the classroom or home to reinforce all sorts of sorting: size, shape, colour, characteristics and more. Please go this page to see all the first grade geometry worksheets on this site. Set the stage for future math and science learning with our collection of first grade sorting and matching worksheets!
Color ink is required for some of these worksheets. This 150+ page Word Sorts for 1st Grade bundle is packed full of engaging and interactive First Grade word sort activities, while providing a great value. Sorting is done on the basis of the recognition of shared characteristics between sets of items. Or, circle the big objects with less than four sides.

In this fun product, the students will sort the pictures that contain objects from parts of the house.

For example, circle the yellow shapes that have three sides. CCSS 1.G.A.1. How to teach Author’s Purpose Using this Author’s Purpose Activity, students read and sort story idea cards to determine the … Continue Reading »
Check out this free printable sorting worksheet for young kids. Kindergarten Sorting Activities. Focusing on short and long vowels, inflectional endings, digraphs, L Blends, R Blends, Soft & Hard C, Soft & Hard G.CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF. Use this "ou" and "ow" word sound teaching resource with your students to help them distinguish between these two sounds. (office and bathroom) Available in posters, which you can use it as centers or you can do the activities using the magnetic board. 9 worksheets.

These skills, such as spatial recognition skills, are vitally important for your kids!

Kids can spend endless hours sorting - sorting cuttons or counters into piles of different colours, sorting dinosaurs by size, sorting beads into pretty patterns... we could go on! Sorting & Categorizing Worksheets Sometimes the best way to support your little learner’s early education is by offering them practice with skills that aren’t necessarily academic skills. Sorting is one of the most important early skills you can teach your child.

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