We have specialized cells in our bodies called melanocytes whose job it is to go around secreting melanin where it’s needed, including in the iris. The eyes of Volund and many Olafsons are characteristic slate gray Gray – slate.

Vote in our blue eyes poll. Slate-gray eyes are a medium gray with hints of blue that is darker than gunmetal gray. Have you seen the latest optical illusion that’s been going around the Web? Blue eyes are beautiful but also rare.

We used to think that grey hair was only for grandmas, but thanks to some powerful celebrities, grey and silver have become a huge trend. If you have ever wondered how you would look with different coloured eyes, try our Illusions Grey Coloured Contacts. Now aged almost 5, one has lovely blue eyes and one has lovely brown eyes. Video! Gray eyes are also pretty isolated. Designed to give your eyes a moderate colour change. These innovative coloured contact lenses feature a star burst design and an outer ring whilst creating the illusion of bigger more glamorous eyes. Gray or Blue Eyes at Birth Iris color, just like hair and skin color, depends on a protein called melanin. The dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis) is a species of the juncos, a genus of small grayish American sparrows.This bird is common across much of temperate North America and in summer ranges far into the Arctic.It is a very variable species, much like the related fox sparrow (Passerella iliaca), and its systematics are still not completely untangled. FWIW, I think lots of newborns have grey eyes that then change to a whole range of other colours! You simply won’t believe your eyes. When my twin boys were born, they both had lovely grey eyes. If Check out celebrities with blue eyes. Unless you're of European ancestry, you don't have much of a chance of inheriting this rare hue. It has connotations of coolness, due to the stony aspect of slate. Learn all about blue eyes and their origins. Check out these pretty grey hair dyes you can use at home.

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