Personal property: Chattels. And conversely, private property are those land and other scarce resources that are owned by mere decree and are not in physical possession of. But what is implied here is that personal property are those scarce resources that are owned by the mere fact that you are in possession of them. The term chattel sometimes refers to all kinds of personal property, but often it refers only to tangible personal property (such as nose flutes and toenail clippers) as opposed to intangible property. Private property is privately owned capital.
Private property is that which you clearly don't own through use and occupancy, but by the magic of the state still own. Pretty much everything inside your home and … If you have a factory that's private property- Personal property is the things you personally possess. Personal Property Private Property Private property and personal property are the same thing, and without private property rights in the first place you can’t define what is theft and what isn’t, and it will most likely overlook the most important property right we each have which is the right to our bodies (and our minds).

A chattel, such as a furnace, can be affixed to land and become part of the real property. Personal property is that which you clearly own through use and occupancy. You are PHYSICALLY possessing them. Personal property is a class of property that can include any type of asset other than real estate.

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