Tough, low-maintenance, and pest-free, Vinca minor has pretty broadleaf foliage and flowers; it is also useful for providing ground cover and is known for its creeping habit. In spite of all of these benefits, there is one drawback: it has a tendency to overtake an area. Many people like the myrtle in the form of stam tree with a neat compact crown, but there are people who do not care how the plant looks like and they need it just for blooming and smelling. Myrtle Topiary Care Instructions. Care Water thoroughly. Pay attention to the plant's tag. They have an evergreen quality (even though they are also shrubs), so this means that they can grow all year round if their basic needs are met (1). Light Keep this plant out of direct sunlight in the summer time. However in November we have to locate Myrtus communis in a … Do not put above fire place or near heaters. An evergreen shrub from the Mediterranean and Middle East, myrtle has long been used as a symbol of love. It has dark green, glossy leaves, and in early summer it bears small white flowers that develop into edible purplish berries. In September and October care of this plant is the same as in Spring. Myrtle pruning. Keep soil moist at all times. Whether you spell it crape or crepe (keep in mind that the Crape Myrtle Society of America uses the “a” which is what I prefer as well), or play it safe with the universal Latin name Lagerstroemia, the versatile shrubs and trees are sturdy backbone plants that provide both lush summer flowers and striking winter texture; many have intense orange, yellow, or red fall colors as well.

The plant is also thought to have aphrodisiac qualities and it is traditional to use myrtle in bridal bouquets. It's best not to plant the myrtle too close to the trees.

Fertilizer Mild liquid fertilizer once every two to three weeks. There are mixed opinions about myrtle and black walnut. Care for myrtle means making its crone of a desirable shape. Myrtle also prefers full sun so plant it away from any shade from the trees. If you remove all the weeds and amend the soil with some compost or aged manure you should be all set to plant the myrtle … Myrtle can be sheared or pruned frequently, making it an excellent choice for hedges and topiaries. The shape of myrtle depends on the reason you grow it.

Learn how to grow and care for this popular ground cover which belongs to the dogbane family. Selecting the Right Crepe Myrtle Seeing a crepe myrtle in its full summer splendor sends some of us running to the garden shop to buy a plant the same color. The plant will dry out quickly. Myrtle plants belong to the Myrtaceae family of flowers and the Myrtus genus.They can be found in the North African continent, Asia, in the Mediterranean, and in South America.

Make sure that it is not only the exact color that … Part sun in winter is ok. Filtered sunlight is ideal but will tolerate low levels.

A myrtle tree fells fine on a windowsill in Fall. But don't buy impulsively.

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