Because of its high tannin content, broadleaf plantain can be used, in poultice form, as an astringent to draw skin tissue together and stop bleeding. dry or fresh whole Plantain (seed, root, and leaves) to 1 cup boiling water, steep 10 min. Firstly, the broadleaf and secondly, the narrowleaf. Stings: Warm the plantago leaves. The health benefits of the broadleaf plantain are quite extensive. P. lanceolata and P. major are among the most widely distributed, and they grow aggressively. Plantain is a perennial weed with almost worldwide distribution.

Plantain leaves contain several bioactive compounds which contribute to its therapeutic properties. The shoots of the broadleaf plantain, when green and tender and no longer than about four inches, can be described as a poor-man's fiddlehead, with a nutty, asparagus-like taste. Hoarseness: Boil 2 tsp of dried Plantago in a cup of water. of entire Plantain plant chopped, and 1 cup lard, cover, cook down on low heat till all is mushy and green. For centuries Europeans and early western societies have used the plant as an important herbal remedy for many illnesses. strain, sweeten. There are two types of the wild plantain herb that grow on our land and I would like to help you learn the identification benefits and uses of both plantain plants.

Plantain Herbal Salve: In large non-metallic pan place 1lb. Plantago major (broadleaf plantain, white man's foot, or greater plantain) is a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae.The plant is native to most of Europe and northern and central Asia, but has widely naturalised elsewhere in the world. Plantain is high in vitamin A and calcium. Plantain is wind-pollinated, facilitating its growth where there are no bees and few other plantain plants. Plantain herbal tea: For colds and flu use 1 tbs. They also naturally contain mucilage, which is a gel-like consistency that moistens and cools irritations. Apply with mustard oil twice a day. Strain and gargle with the water 2 to 3 times a day. Drink through the day. There are about 250 species. These remedies have survived into today’s world and can now prove to be an effective natural way of dealing with a wide range of health issues.

Plantain Identification, Benefits and Uses. Ayurvedic benefits of Narrow leaf Plantain herb. Plantain Leaf Benefits & Uses.

Mucilage also helps coat the … Cuts: Apply the leaves of plantago directly to the affected area. It also has a small amount of vitamin C. Medicinal Use: Broadleaf plantain has long been used medicinally as poultices, ointments, and teas.

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