Guru Arjun Dev was born in April 1563 in Goindval, India. The Sikhs were ordered a substantial fine of 200,000 rupees for the arrival of their Guru Arjan.The Mughals additionally Demanded deleting a few lines of the Gurbani from the Adi Granth.Guru Arjan Dev declined to pay any fine.

MARTYRDOM DAY OF GURU ARJAN DEV JIGuru Arjan Dev JiWas the embodiment of Godly devotionWho rendered selfless service (Seva) of societyA saintly traitAlong with it allHe was an apostle of peaceWho stood firm and rock-solid on his principlesFor which he made supreme sacrificeAnd attained martyrdom – a painless one‘Thine doings seem sweet unto me’While remaining… Guru Arjan Dev (penjabi : ਗੁਰੂ ਅਰਜੁਨ ਦੇਵ (Gurū Arjan)) est le cinquième Guru du sikhisme; il est né à Goindwal au Penjab en Inde le 15 avril 1563 et décédé le 30 mai 1606 à Lahore [1]. In 1579 Guru Arjan was eventually married to Ganga Devi daughter of Krishan Chand in 1579.

We engage in Sangat and services day and night. In his paintings there is death, there is depth and there is that no-thing element, the ability to send the viewer into the nirgun reality that very few painters are blessed with. He devoted his life to religion and service to the people.

Martyrdom Day of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Jayanti 2020: Guru Arun Dev Ji became the fifth Guru of the Sikhs. The Guru was then Asked to change over to Islam. Also spelt as Martyrdom Day of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this holiday commemorates the first Sikh martyr, killed in 1606. Guru Arun Dev Ji was born on 15 April 1515. We all come from the same point of view. He was martyred on May 30th, 1606 at Lahore by Emperor Jahangir.

Even though I have been studying the writings of Guru Arjun Dev ji for years, I was particularly inspired by two shabads: Sajanra mera sajanra nikat khaloira mera sajanra.

Guru Arjan Dev was captured under the requests of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and conveyed to Lahore on May 1606. Here are some important facts about the life of Guru Arun Dev Ji. He is a Sikh Martyr.

From this point forward, Sikhism began to …

He was born at Goindwal on April 15, 1563.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji was arrested, tortured and made to sit on hot iron plates at Lahore.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji (the fifth Sikh guru) was tortured to death in 1606.

His father was to become Guru Ramdas and his mother's name was Mata Bhani.

Guru Arjan Dev ji not only compiled the authentic compositions of the preceding Gurus and other hindu and muslim saints but he is himself the major contributor to the Guru Granth Sahib through two thousand verses which now comprise one third of Shri Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Arjan was the youngest son of Guru Ram Das and Mata Bhani. Thus, the martyrdom tradition of Sikhism began with the martyrdom of the Guru Ji himself.

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