This has resulted in confusion when we quickly scan the calendar as we previously did in Outlook. Actual behavior: Calendar invite emails are sent in the time zone of the calendar; Problem statement: It creates utter confusion in the recipients, who receive invitations for all sort of crazy times (such as in my example above for a meeting at 1 am). (emphasis mine) share | improve this answer. Also it's a good idea to rename your action so that you know which ones correspond to the start and end times.
I just filled in the fields as shown two messages above this one, only using UTC time (zero offset) for the time zone in each field. edited Jul 13 '15 at 21:04. Q&A for Work. Teams. Learn How to Make Google Calendar Show Different Time Zones Right Beside the Current Time Zone in Calendar View. Basically, for about a week now, Google Calendar users have been chiming about Calendar displaying wrong date, time and day. In this transition, we've discovered the creation of an all-day event in Google Calendar reflects the time zone of the creator - showing either a 10pm the day early start, or 2am the day after end. Fix to be implemented: Use the "event start time zone" (and not the calendar time zone) for the email invitations; Google user.

Confusion with Java Calendar and time zones. Doing this, my flow managed to export an Office 365 calendar entry to my Google calendar successfully.


Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. The latest upgrade to Google Calendar makes good sense for those working with others in different time zones, though it's a link you have to click to the right of your time entry field to enable. ... Gets a calendar using the default time zone and locale.

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The Calendar returned is based on the current time in the default time zone with the default locale.

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