My wife (who is French) then pointed out to me that it wasn't like the tarte aux pommes that her mother makes. It comprised of a shortcrust pastry tart base, the usual crescent slices of apple on top, and also a frangipane filling underneath the apple slices. Fortunately, the best apple tart (and

Traditionally tarts were prepared with superior ingredients and were considered a delicacy meant exclusively for the aristocratic class. A few months ago, I posted about an apple tart that had won accolades as the best apple tart in Paris. The history of tarts can be traced all the way back to 500BC and the Greek Physician Aegimus. Tart History. They make fabulous gifts, I’ve given them to all my friends on both sides of the pond. The apple trees are indeed part of the cultural identity of the region of Normandy.There are a multitude of apple varieties which constitute the principal ingredients for tarts, pies, cider, calvados and other by-products. An apple tart is a cultural element of Normandy that cannot be ignored, such as the Normand cow, cream and cheese. Judging how many requests I get to name “the best” macaron, croissant, baguette, or bistro in Paris, it’s a lot of pressure to name “the best” of anything. When you visit, be sure to check out her books, they’re really special. Unknowingly I assumed that this would be the only type of apple tart, and so made one which was served that evening at dinner. Over time tarts have been the subject of many books, plays and displays of confectionery genius. French-Word-a-Day site (, about her life in Provence and her love of language.

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