But Soma goes all out and cook the best dish he can possibly think instead of complimenting erinas dish he decided to compete with erina. Forcing erina to cook the best dish she can possibly think of to beat Soma. Shokugeki no Soma EiRin TakuMegu SouEri Eishi Tsukasa Rindou Kobayashi Takumi Aldini Megumi Tadokoro Souma Yukihira Erina Nakiri Eishi x Rindou Takumi x Megumi Souma x Erina Seriously though Did Tsukuda write chapter 257 himself or let some Sorina shipper write it instead And how am I supposed to feel about this chapter/Souma One thing for sure though is that Erina can turn around … It takes place during the during the second round of the Régiment de Cuisine. Rindō assisting Eishi. Eishi commented on Sōma's approach, where he believe he indeed can bring out an excellent appetizer. Erina wins due to avenging. Anime/Manga Shokugeki no Soma/ ... And so, Erina Nakiri slumped away. Eishi and Rindō are blown away by Erina's dish. After Erina challenged him and Rindō to taste their creations, Eishi agreed as he is curious about Sōma's dish. Soma vs 1st (Eishi) 7. Senzaemon Nakiri proposed that the Final Round will be Eishi and Rindō facing the surviving Rebel members, Erina and Sōma, a two-course meal with True Gourmet as the theme. Main article: Sōma Yukihira & Erina Nakiri Vs. Eishi Tsukasa & Rindō Kobayashi. Shokugeki no Soma; Review Shokugeki no Souma Chapter 252, Rindou & Tsukasa Vs Souma & Erina. Eishi and Rindou lost because they played safe and cook a dish that compliments each other. 2. The Council of Ten is tied at the end of the 2nd Bout. Rindou tucked the paper in her pocket before breaking out into a sprint towards the cooking examination room. Though, Sōma's sense of rivalry made him confused a bit. Penulis. If that wasn't interesting, then Rindou Kobayashi didn't know what was! 9. Whoever this guy was, he could make Erina Nakiri annoyed! Megumi wins, being Rindou isn't trying or switches side or Megumi finally unlocked her potential. Takumi loses as well, because you know, he's Takumi. He should lose. Erina vs 4th (Saitou) 8. Megumi vs 2nd (Rindou) Here, Soma will obviously lose. If he wins, I'd be pissed. Then we get. Peeking in, Rindou saw the coast was clear.

Yosh mina san sepertinya cerita di chapter ini sudah banyak yang menebak pertandingan antara Rindou melawan Takumi :v. Takumi kalah!! Ya memang perbedaan kekuatanya masih terlalu jauh antara Rindou dan Takumi ditambah lagi pada … Tōsuke Megishima Vs. Rindō Kobayashi Promotion Exam Duel is a Shokugeki between Tōsuke Megishima and Rindō Kobayashi. Kobayashi Rindou/Tsukasa Eishi (29) Kobayashi Rindou & Tsukasa Eishi (9) Kurokiba Ryou/Nakiri Alice (4) Nakiri Erina/Yukihira Souma (3) Marui Zenji/Yoshino Yuuki (2) Takumi Aldini/Tadokoro Megumi (2) Takumi Aldini/Yukihira Souma (1) Isami Aldini/Tadokoro Megumi (1) Hayama Akira/Shiomi Jun (1) Kinokuni Nene/Kuga Terunori (1) Arvianda Fristy - Februari 24, 2018.

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