Degree Program. Requirements.

If you prefer a program less quantitatively stringent than an economics major, you may be interested in the bachelor of individualized studies (BIS) program, through which a 15-credit concentration in economics courses may be combined with courses in two other areas of concentration. No more than 8 credits graded P/N may be applied to the economics major.

Exceptions are courses offered P/N only—EC 401 404, 405, and 408. Any 600-level course in Economics may be counted as an elective with ECON 401 or ECON 402 as a prerequisite, but undergraduate election of a 600-level course requires approval of the instructor. in Economics Major (EN25) To receive a bachelor of arts degree in economics, no more than four upper-division courses taken externally from UC San Diego can be counted toward the major.

Admission to the major.

The following requirements apply to Economics primary majors entering the University Fall 2018 or later. Major Requirements - Economics To earn distinction in the major a student must write a senior thesis earning a grade of A- or better and receive A- or better in 3/4 of major courses (not including math and introductory economics).

To find out how to declare the Economics major, go to Admissions. Economics 310-2 Microeconomics II. Economics Major Requirements To major in economics, students must earn grades of at least C in ECON 103 and ECON 104 , attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all credits in the major attempted at UWM, and attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all major credits attempted when any … It’s about work, education, production, leisure and happiness. Economics Major Requirements. For Economics majors in the 2014-2016 and 2012-2014 catalogs the minor requirement is 12 hours of coursework in the same subject (at least 6 of Economics majors MUST complete a minor.

The major in Economics requires 39 hours of course work, including 6 hours of supporting coursework in other departments, plus completion of a minor in a field related to economics or a second major. For the Economics major, all students must complete the following courses:

*Pre-requisite courses for admission to the major **Writing Intensive Course. Economics 311 Macroeconomics.

2. The major in Economics requires 39 hours of course work, including 6 hours of supporting coursework in other departments, plus completion of a minor in a field related to economics or a second major. * The Economics 281 requirement will be waived if you take Economics 381-1 as a field course. GPA.

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