In some cases, you may be waiting up to 2 weeks for seeds to sprout. The pot also needs drainage holes on the bottom, preventing fungus and mildew from growing in the soil. Even when growing eggplants with heat mats, seedlings are notoriously slow to germinate.

Your eggplant may seem small at first when it’s a seedling, but these plants can grow quite big. Growing eggplants in containers will allow you to grow these veggies earlier since the soil in containers warms up faster. Make sure to give your eggplants support since they can be heavy laden with fruits once they begin to flower. Since some eggplant varieties can grow up to 4-feet high, choose a pot size of at least 5 gallons. Take cuttings from existing plants at the end of the growing season and start them indoors. Grow one plant in a 5-pound container with … Be patient. Be vigilant for any signs of pests or diseases. Most seedling pests can be controlled organically with insecticidal soap.If you're concerned about damping off, try watering your eggplant seedlings regularly (about once per week) with a chamomile tea solution. Depending on the variety, pick your fruit when it’s between 4-6” long. It sounds like the latter.

Your eggplant bushes need pots from 12 to 14 inches in diameter. You can grow marigold, thyme, and catnip with or near eggplant to help the plant. The eggplant may be one of the most misunderstood vegetables and … Eggplant becomes bitter the larger it grows, so always pick your fruit when it’s smaller. Spacing Eggplants. It depends if you’re growing eggplant in flats to transplant or if you’re growing eggplant in a big pots.

Continue to keep your eggplant seedlings moist as they grow for the next eight to ten weeks. When to harvest eggplant. For pots or containers, you don’t really use “soil.” It’s best to use a potting mix of 50% peat and 50% perlite.

The amount of time it takes for eggplants to grow may be one reason to grow eggplants from cuttings.
If you choose a 20-inch pot, you can plant three compact eggplant varieties in it. With a little attentiveness, you can expect to harvest beautiful eggplant around 65-80 days after transplanting.

How To Grow Eggplant In Container.

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