Improve your English pronunciation and learn how to read phonemic symbols. British forces adopted the RAF phonetic alphabet, which is similar to the phonetic alphabet used by the Royal Navy in World War I.

After the Second World War and the formation of NATO the phonetic alphabet was changed again, this time in the interests of Anglo-American co-operation. Phonetics were part and parcel of the language of D-Day. For instance, in 1941 the U.S. Army and Navy had different alphabets, and throughout most of the war the British army, navy, and air force had their own similar but not identical systems. This was specified in the 1952 Signal Training pamphlet 7 and appears below. Note: The increasing use of radio-telephones and the concurrent likelihood of misunderstanding what the other person was trying to yell over poor instruments, especially during combat, led to the common practice of substituting a word for each letter of the alphabet.
Here's a list of phonetic alphabets used by the British, running up to the NATO standard we use today. The U.S. alphabet became known as Able Baker after its words for A and B. British Phonetic Alphabets 1904-1926. British Council. The U.S. adopted the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet from 1941 to standardise all branches of its armed forces.

By 1944 the Anglo-Americans had agreed upon a standard phonetic alphabet, but changes still occurred.
Note that the RAF phonetic alphabet is not listed The one used in-game is the standard British army alphabet used from 1914-1918. Knowing how to read phonemic symbols can help you pronounce English words accurately and improve your speaking skills and comprehension. The resulting alphabet was essentially that which was used during the Second World War and it is given below. Turns out, the phonetic alphabet we use today went through a lot of development through the world wars.

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