One of the most important (and useful) physical properties is the melting point. (2003). Atomic Number: 89 Atomic Symbol: Ac Atomic Weight: 227 Melting Point: 1,924 F (1,051 C) Boiling Point: 5,788 F (3,198 C). Actinium metal has been prepared by the reduction of actinium fluoride with lithium vapor at about 1100 to 1300-degrees C. /Actinium metal and fluoride/ Knovel Critical Tables. Ok but what is the melting point of an atom of Ac? From the Greek aktis, aktinos, meaning beam or ray. It occurs naturally as one of the sequence of isotopes that originate with the radioactive decay of uranium-235. All atoms will 'melt' at some point, even Actinium. The beams are so strong they can melt thorium – which has a melting point above 3,000 degrees F. Scientists also wanted to make it as easy as possible to separate the actinium-225 from the …

Discovered by Andre Debierne in 1899 and independently by F. Giesel in 1902. Properties. Actinium (Ac) is a silvery colored radioactive metal that has the atomic number 89 in the periodic table. A tonne of pitchblende contains around 150 mg of actinium. The other actinides readily form compounds with nonmetals, although actinium compounds are not well-known. Melting Point: 1227 °C: Atomic Weight: 227: Boiling Point: 3198 °C: Electron Configuration: [Rn]7s 2 6d 1: Oxidation States: 3, 2 : History. Its melting point is 1050.0°C and boiling point is 3200.0°C. Melting Point of Actinium (Ac) [& Color, Sources, Discovery ... 0 0 Monday, August 05, 2019 Edit this post. In the case of Actinium the melting point is 1050°C. Like other actinides, actinium readily tarnishes in the air (forming a white actinium oxide layer), is extremely dense, is highly electropositive, and likely forms numerous allotropes.

It is an Actinoid Metal with the symbol Ac. Occurs naturally in association with uranium minerals. Actinium extracted from uranium ores is the isotope actinium-227 which has half-life of 21.7 years.

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