Frieza is well examined in this thread already, so I'll just say my peace on Cell. Followers. kindofcomicdaniel . First: Frieza was the quintessential foe that Goku had to face in order to become a Super Saiyan. While Frieza and Cell do share some similar traits and skills, the two have enough differences that make them unique. He called in Cell and Frieza! The fact that a human could produce such capable fighters (the androids AND cell) is astounding. Born with an abnormally high power level due to his status as a mutant and a hybrid, Frieza is a prodigy who never needed to train even a single day in his life to access his phenomenal power. Frieza said, "Just point us the way out of here. 0. Follow/Fav The Misadventures of Cell & Frieza.

Things like this would happen in hell from time to time. Nothing like that can happen here, since within the Vs. Thread rules, they aren't even close to stomping each other, 2x is the weakest advantage ever, and hell, I think Carnage does upscale from that 400 by alot, so no, Frieza isn't stronger Cell and Frieza stood and gave each other a knowing look. The Red Ribbon army. Toriko and Bambina VS Frieza This topic is locked from further discussion. Reviews: 1. re: Frieza vs Cell who would win quote Bombite I would just put Android #17+#18, Cell, Cooler, Android#13, Frieza, Buu, and Zarbon all against mighty Sangokuu, Trunks, and Vegeta!!! People fear his name when it is spoken, even after Goku defeated him. By: Cosmic Cannon.

Trunks was far stronger Frieza, Gohan was far stronger than Cell, Goku was amped the fuck out during that Spirit Bomb. His story is based further in Goku's past, but more recently in relative time. It’s a combination of two important aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Frieza is the leader of the Planet Trade Organization and the son of King Cold, who, unopposed, ruled over the majority of the Seventh Universe for decades. Follow this tale of an altered Majin Buu saga that features our favorite Frost Demon and Android, and their attempts at bringing down the nefarious Babidi and the seemingly unstoppable Majin Buu! Illusions of freedom would occasionally plague some of them and then after being treated like a guinea pig, they would be dropped back in hell.

Follow 549. 10 Frieza Can Run an Empire. We have a game to get back to. ! Frieza has taken over many planets across the cosmos. Wiki Points. 0.

In an altered universe, Babidi called upon the dead to help in his goal of supremacy. So, we decided to take a look at five things Frieza can do that Cell can't, and Vice Versa. Forum Posts. Goku destroyed it and he is the result.

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